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We create and manage your campaigns for you. We optimize your campaigns to deliver a superior ROI.


We provide you in-depth reporting on the performance of each campaign, product and keyword via an interactive dashboard.

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The amazon advertising experts

Advertising Expertise

One of a kind industry expertise on Amazon's advertising tools and programs. We'll help you decide which ad program is best for your business.

Interactive Client Dashboard

View Account, Campaign, Product and Keyword Level Performance Data. 

We are fully integrated with Amazon's Advertising API. 

Founded in 2014, Marketplace Clicks is dedicated to helping Amazon sellers and vendors excel through advertising. We help you navigate Amazon's dynamic and competitive marketplace with advertising campaigns designed to achieve your business goals.

Marketplace Clicks is your expert resource for using Amazon’s advertising products. We provide full campaign management for Sponsored Products (PPC), Sponsored Brands (Headline Search Ads), and Product Display Ads in both Seller Central and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). We run Display Ad campaigns through the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). We partner with you to deliver superior results and increase sales on Amazon.

Real Experience

We combine the best of data analysis, optimization algorithms and our own team of highly skilled and experienced advertising specialists.

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Our service complements your hard work as you strive to grow your Amazon business. Let us help you accelerate your sales.